Structural tubing is a hollow section most commonly constructed from hot rolled metal coils. The coils are slit to the proper width for the section being manufactured and then formed into the final shape needed. Once the size is formed and the seams are welded together the tube is cut to the desired length to make a single piece of tubing. Structural tubing is offered in round, rectangular and square shapes.


Square and Rectangular Mechanical Tubing
Rectangular Mechanical Tubing
Structural Steel Square Tubing
Structural Steel Rectangular Tubing
Light Wall Pipe
Standard Pipe


Furnace-Butt Welded Pipe, Continuous-Welded
Pipe produced in continuous lengths from coiled skelp and subsequently cut into individual lengths, having its longitudinal butt joint forge welded by the mechanical pressure developed in rolling the hot-formed skelp through a set of round pass welding rolls.

Electric-Resistance-Welded Pipe
Pipe produced in individual lengths or in continuous lengths from coiled skelp and subsequently cut into individual lengths, having a longitudinal butt joint wherein coalescence is produced by the heat obtained from resistance of the pipe to the flow of electric current in a circuit of which the pipe is a part, and by the application of pressure.

Seamless Pipe
Seamless Pipe is a tubular product made without a welded seam. It is manufactured by hot working steel and, if necessary, by subsequently cold finishing the hot-worked tubular product to produce the desired shape, dimensions, and properties.

Round Mechanical Tubing
Manufactured from M1010 strip steel with uniform wall thickness assured by the close strip tolerance. Welding flash is removed by either rolling or cutting. Hot Rolled is formed from Hot Rolled M1010 pickled strip and has a good finish suitable for painting. Cold Rolled is manufactured from Cold Rolled M1010 No. 2 Finish strip and is particularly adapted to applications requiring high finish. Both types can be formed, bent, swedged, flattened, etc.

Fence Pipe
Strong and durable fence posts and rails made of high tensile steel, cold rolled and water quenched to resist bending and dents. A triple coat protection is applied to seal the surface, retarding oxidation and flaking to assure long lasting protection.

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